Legend of Merolk

Enter the Mysterious Swordsman

As we begsin our journey to tell the king of what has happened in Tazin we cross through the moutains which were inhabbited by harpy’s and led by a gargoyle. after disposing of the threats. we make our way to what we think is the end we can see the light coming in from outside. As we enter the last room of the cave we find animals caged up. from monkeys to deer and even a unicorn. After freeing the creatures we noticed that a man dressed in rags is now standing at the exit he has two katanas on him, a straw hat, and has hate in his eyes. furious that we have let “his” animals free he runs at us and attacks. after a long fight and three party members falling (not dead). we finally kill him by severing his head. after closer inspection of his personal items we find out that his gear is completely rusted and looks as though it cant be used. so we continue down the moutain and we find a cabin….



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