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the land belongs to the Kingdom of Ravenwood. Currently under the rule by King Valdoon Ravenwood.

this small island country is filled with people of many races ranging form humans to gnolls.

the land is divided by a river on the east side of the river you have the island’s capital the Ravenwood City Castle. A large city of magical wonders called Ehgle. adn to the north of the capital is a land where no one goes and the king has deemed it forbidden to enter Verom.

on the west half of the island you have the port town of Niptin that trades with a small island city that is also under the rule of king Ravenwood. A very small settlement named Brookmire. And a very small town almost forgotten named Tazin, just to the south of Tazin lays the Tazin Forest and even farther south is the old ruins of the First Ravenwood Castle.

Other places of interest:
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